"I met Steve in November of 1989 at the Majestic Theatre. I'll never forget it because we saved up $15 a week for 6 months for a 3 day trip and to see the Phantom of the Opera... and how glorious it was to be a part of it. The moment I heard Steve's voice, witnessed his grace on stage, and followed his movement from beginning to end I was hooked! Immediate fan forever and I listen to his voice almost everyday. God Bless Him and his Family"

- Robyn Thorpe


"I cannot believe it is ten years since he left us. He was an amazing talent and a really nice person. I knew him and worked on a few benefits with him. He was a good friend with Judy Kaye and they did a couple of shows together. It was I who had to give the news to Judy. I believe the last time I saw him was in MIRATE, a Tom Jones Harvey Schmidt musical it was either at GOODSPEED or the mufti version at the York Theatre, which now I am going to check. You are still in my heart."

- Maryann Lopinto


"When I first met Steve, his accent had a European flavor to it until he heard I was from Arkansas. Immediately the Texas twang came out and we were instant friends. Sometimes we would go for a year without seeing each other but no amount of time ever changed that bond of where we grew up. Each time I saw him, it was like no time had passed. I miss his down home side most! But my wife, Regina, reminded me that he was an outstanding cook and I will never forget going to Steve's and Denny's new home in Palisades and seeing all of the very artistic and decorative painting that Steve did. It seemed that he could do anything he put his mind to. I miss that too."

- Jake Bell


"I had the pleasure of working with Steve in Berlin, 1984 at the Theater Des Westens. He was incredibly driven by his craft. Constantly studying, rehearsing, or perfecting whichever role he was doing at the time. I remember a short tour to Hamburg where we were performing in a theater near the Reeperbahn. The crowd we were getting could get loud and unruly. One night when Steve was singing a song from Kurt Weill, someone in the audience was heckling. His singing got more passionate and powerful and he just burned up the stage. The rest of the cast were sitting in chairs on the stage with their mouths hanging open. He had become something "other worldly" , not with anger, but with this force of nature. I had never seen anything like it in my life, tears were rolling down my face. I can not explain it but I realized what a special artist he was.

On a lighter note, we used to take our morning ballet class (taught by Denny) in a empty movie theater called the Delphi. Before each class while we were stretching, Steve would play the piano and sing popular songs or show tunes. He was always upbeat and it made all of us feel so much better about the start of the day. He was happy on stage. That is how I will always remember him."

- Carlos


"Some people are sent to this earth to inspire, Steve was the best example of that. We did Ballet class together -- hit the gym daily and regularly hit the Jack Daniels! His warmth, passion and drive motivated me then as his memory does to this day. Thanks Steve, the memories are irreplaceable"

- David Samuel


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