Byzantine Art

Byzantine Art
Автор: Charles Bayet
Дата написания:
Издательство: Parkstone International Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-78042-797-3
Цена: 170.00 Руб.
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For more than a millennium, from its creation in 330 CE until its fall in 1453, the Byzantine Empire was a cradle of artistic effervescence that is only beginning to be rediscovered. Endowed with the rich heritage of Roman, Eastern, and Christian cultures, Byzantine artists developed an architectural and pictorial tradition, marked by symbolism, whose influence extended far beyond the borders of the Empire. Today, Italy, North Africa, and the Near East preserve the vestiges of this sophisticated artistic tradition, with all of its mystical and luminous beauty. The magnificence of the palaces, churches, paintings, enamels, ceramics, and mosaics from this civilisation guarantees Byzantine art's powerful influence and timelessness.

Никогда двадцать огромных томов не сделают революцию, ее сделают маленькие карманные книжки в двадцать су.

На фуршете жена мужу: Ты уже десять раз бегал с тарелкой за едой! Тебе не стыдно?! — Нет, я говорил, что это для тебя.


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