The Spade

The Spade
Автор: Vladimir Ross
Дата написания:
Издательство: Издательские решения
ISBN: 9785448393334
Цена: 160.00 Руб.
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All was going well for Nazar. Before noon, he had stolen enough wallets to last him for a considerable length of time. However, he had also managed to steal a note that would throw his life into disarray. Nazar suddenly finds himself tossed into a situation he never could have imagined as he tries to desperately hunt down a man he knows nothing about. He’s quickly running out of time and growing more and more desperate. Fortunately, he knows exactly who to call.

Я бы охотно провел свою жизнь в путешествиях, будь у меня еще одна жизнь, чтобы провести ее дома.

Как уверяют врачи, пятьдесят граммов коньяка за ужином - это не только полезно, но ещё и мало.


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